Religious Activity

The Memorial Church and Appleton Chapel

The Reverend Professor Peter J. Gomes, Pusey Minister
The Reverend Dr. Dorothy A. Austin, Associate Minister and University Chaplain
Office hours: Mon.-Fri., 9 am–5 pm
Harvard Yard, 617-495-5508

The Memorial Church is Harvard’s University Church, dedicated on Armistice Day in 1932 as a gift of the alumni to the University in memory of those who lost their lives in the First World War.

Founded as a Protestant non-denominational house of worship, The Memorial Church maintains a broad ecumenical program of worship, preaching, and teaching, a representation of Harvard’s recognition of the spiritual dimension of the life of the mind and a community of inquiry. All members of the University, regardless of denomination, are welcome, and internationally known clergy and religious leaders regularly preach from the pulpit. The church also serves as a resource for all religious life on campus, hosting events in the Faith & Life Forum, the annual William Belden Noble lectures, and providing pastoral counseling services to all members of the University.


A Christian service of Morning Prayers is held at 8:45 am Monday through Saturday during the term, with the principal worship service held at eleven o’clock on Sunday mornings. Once a month, a service of Compline is held on a Thursday evening at ten o’clock. Based on the traditional evening liturgy of scripture, music, prayers, and silence, Compline is sung in the candlelit space of Appleton Chapel by members of the University Choir. The Sunday and daily service schedules are announced in the Gazette. In addition, a printed guide listing all services and activities is available each academic term and may be obtained by contacting the Church office.

Harvard University Choir

The Harvard University Choir is regarded by many worldwide as the premier program in college chapel music in America, a demanding but rewarding musical experience for Harvard students. The Choir sings at all Sunday Services and each year presents the nation’s oldest consecutive Christmas Carols Service, as well as an eagerly anticipated Spring Concert once a year.

Board of Ministry and Harvard Chaplains

Office hours: Mon.–Fri.; 9 am–5 pm
The Memorial Church, Ground Floor Harvard Yard, 617-495-5529


Baha’i Association Ms. Eleanor Mitten (


American Baptist Rev. Irving Cummings (

Southern Baptist Rev. Curtis Cook (

Southern Baptist Mrs. Rebekah Kim (

Boston-Cambridge Ministry in Higher Education United Church of Christ Presbyterian Church (USA) Rev. Carolyn Dittes (

Buddhist Chaplaincy Lama Migmar Tseten (

Campus Crusade for Christ Mr. Pat McLeod ( , Ms. Tammy McLeod (

Catholic Student Center Fr. Robert Congdon ( , Fr. William Murphy ( , George Salzmann, OSFS (

Chabad House (Jewish) Rabbi Hirschy Zarchi (

Christian Science Organization Ms. Margit Hammerstrom (

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Dr. Thomas Chapman ( , Dr. David Bokovoy (

Episcopal Chaplaincy (Anglican) Rev. Benjamin King (

Foursquare (Grace Street Church) Rev. Russ Schlecht ( , Harvard Hindu Fellowship (Vedanta Society) Swami Tyagananda (swami_tyagananda@harvard. edu)

Harvard Korean Mission Church Rev. Raymond A. Kahng (

Hillel Foundation Dr. Bernard Steinberg (

Rabbi Norman Janis (

Rabbi Akiva Herzfeld (

Humanist Chaplaincy Mr. Greg Epstein (

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Mr. Jeff Barneson ( , Mr. Adrian Tam (, Ms. Marie Williams (

Islamic Society (Muslim) Mr. Taha Abdul-Basser (

Lutheran Campus Ministry Rev. Donald Larsen (

Memorial Church Rev. Prof. Peter J. Gomes ( , Rev. Dr. Dorothy Austin (

Orthodox Christian Fellowship Fr. Peter-Michael Preble (, Presbyterian Church in America Rev. Bradley Barnes (

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Thomas Patrick Ash (

Swedenborgian Chaplaincy Mr. Kevin Baxter (

Unitarian Universalist Rev. Meg Anzalone (

United Methodist Chaplaincy Rev. Scott Campbell (

Zoroastrian Chaplaincy Dr. Cyrus Rustam Mehta (

Harvard Chaplains is the umbrella organization of 38 chaplains representing 26 of the world’s traditions (religious and non-religious), united in their commitment to serving Harvard’s diverse student, faculty, and staff communities. Members of the Harvard community are encouraged to contact the Harvard Chaplains, who are available to meet and talk about spiritual concerns and ethical and personal matters. For profiles of our chaplains and a full description of groups, programs, events, and services, please refer to our Website.

Staff Assistant, Board of Ministry and Harvard Chaplains: Debra Dawson (617-495­5529).