Community Health Initiative

The mission of the Community Health Initiative (CHI) is to promote health and wellness within Harvard University through student-initiated programs and promotions. Community Health Initiative representatives are trained to serve as liaisons between campus resources, such as HUHS, and their residential community. As a student-focused resource, CHI members take proactive, holistic approaches encompassing the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and environmental dimensions of health. Representatives gauge students’ specific health concerns, respond with information and preventive strategies, advocate for better health options for the students, and refer their peers to myriad campus and community resources. Past initiatives have focused on sleep, nutrition, and stress management, as well as yoga, tai chi, and massage therapy. CHI also has a special interest in education and advocacy regarding healthy relationships, sexual health, alcohol safety, and mental health issues.

Community Health Initiative - First Year (CHI-FY)

At the beginning of each year, first-year students who are interested in helping improve overall well-being for their peers are selected. CHI-FY representatives work with the CFW, other CHI representatives, and the College to provide feedback about health and wellness issues, help plan and request programs, sponsor campus-wide events, and help promote various health-enhancing programs to first-year students.