Nonresident, Married, and Out-of-Residence Students

Nonresident Students

The charges for nonresident students are Tuition and Student Services and Health Services Fees. Students who receive permission to live off campus are assumed by the Financial Aid Office to have the same room, board, and personal expenses as students living on campus. Students desiring to live off campus may want to consider the fact that actual off-campus costs may be higher than on-campus expenses.

Married Students

The College has no scholarship funds with which to provide extra help to married students. It is the policy of the Financial Aid Office to treat married students as if they were non-resident single students, expecting the student’s parents or spouse to provide the necessary extra support. In some cases, additional loan and/or job assistance may be available.

Students Studying Out of Residence

Students studying at other institutions during the academic year who are receiving credit toward Harvard degrees will ordinarily be eligible for financial aid in accordance with the usual conditions.