Rooming Arrangements

The assignment of rooms and roommate groups for freshmen is made by the Freshman Dean’s Office. Students are notified of these assignments in August. Questions regarding freshman room assignment should be directed to the Freshman Dean’s Office.

Each House determines the procedure for room assignments for the upperclass students assigned to it. Sophomores beginning residence in a House receive room assignments after rooms are filled by seniors and juniors. Questions regarding room assignment for an upperclass student should be directed to the House Administrator of the appropriate House.

Changes in room assignment within a freshman dormitory or within a House must be approved by the appropriate staff. A student must notify his or her Resident Dean immediately of any change in address.

Gender Neutral Housing

Harvard College recognizes that there are circumstances in which it would be appropriate to consider requests for mixed-gender rooming groups, although the College ordinarily requires single-gender living arrangements. Thus, the Office of Residential Life may, in consultation with the Houses, permit mixed-gender rooming groups in certain circumstances, such as to accommodate students with a gender-based need (i.e., transgender students). To date, exceptions have been limited to those suites where bedroom door locks have been installed by the University, and where the bedroom occupants are of the same gender. All occupants must voluntarily agree to the arrangements. Requests for mixed-gender rooming groups that are made to the Office of Residential Life or the Houses will be addressed and managed on a case-by-case basis, taking into account all circumstances, including space constraints.

For more information about this policy or to make a request for a mixed-gender rooming group please contact your House Administrator or the Assistant Dean of Residential Life (032 University Hall, 617-495-1942).

Married and Family Student Housing

Harvard College does not offer undergraduate housing in the Houses or dorms to married undergraduates and/or undergraduates with families. However, students who are married and/or have children may be eligible for Harvard-affiliated housing through Harvard Real Estate Services (HRES). Given the leasing period for HRES housing, students are strongly encouraged to make such a request during the spring term (by February 1) if they are requesting housing for the following academic year. Requests can be made at any time, but the ability to accommodate such requests is more limited after the February 1 deadline. Requests and inquiries related to this policy should be directed to the Assistant Dean of Residential Life (032 University Hall, 617-495-1942).