Resource Conservation

Undergraduates play a key role in University efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move toward an environmentally sustainable campus. Student cooperation and leadership in areas of energy use reduction, solid waste reduction and recycling has and will continue to help further FAS environmental stewardship goals for Houses and dorms.

Undergraduates in residence are urged to integrate resource efficiency and environmental responsibility into their daily life in the Houses and dormitories. Above-mentioned expectations include: recycling all recyclable containers and papers; properly disposing of toxic materials such as batteries; reporting leaks immediately; turning off lights and appliances when not in use; and reducing heat waste in the winter. Other community standards include: using computer power management software; purchasing energy-efficient appliances; taking only as much food as one will eat in the dining hall; and using warm or cold water rather than hot for most laundry loads. Consult the Harvard Green Campus Initiative for further information on campus greening activities.

Questions about recycling may be addressed to the University Operations Recycling Hotline at 617-495-3042.