Nonresidential Life

Nonresident Students

While Harvard College is predominantly residential, some students do not live in College housing. Married students are ordinarily nonresident. Nonresident students are held to the same standards of conduct required of students living in the Houses and dormitories. They are expected to behave in a mature and responsible manner, and that expectation extends to their academic performance no less than to their social behavior.

There are three categories of nonresident students:


Occasionally, Harvard admits to the freshman class a student who is granted nonresident status at the time of admission. These students are advised in their freshman year by the Freshman Dean’s Office and participate in the activities and social programs of the Yard.

Students in this category may enter the Freshman Lottery for assignment to an upperclass residential House, provided they meet the Returning Student Housing Application deadline of February 16. They are otherwise affiliated with Dudley House in their second year.

Students Who Move Off Campus

All students desiring to move out of the College dormitories and Houses must submit a Housing Contract Cancellation form to the Office of Residential Life. This form can be found online at (see Room and Board Costs). Students desiring to move off-campus during the term must submit a Housing Contract Cancellation form and vacate their suite within 24 hours of submitting the form.

All freshmen who complete the fall term must enter the Freshman Lottery to receive a House assignment before requesting approval to live off campus. Should they decide to live off campus in their sophomore year, they will automatically be affiliated with Dudley House.

Visiting Undergraduate Students

Those students who are admitted to Harvard as visitors for a term or a year are admitted as nonresidents.

House Affiliation

All Upperclass students who choose to live off-campus after having lived in their assigned residential House may apply for affiliation with Dudley House or may remain affiliated with their residential House.

Choice of affiliation must be indicated on the Housing Contract Cancellation form. Students who elect to live in the Dudley Co-op ordinarily are required to affiliate with Dudley House.

Dudley House

Undergraduates living off campus may elect to be members of Dudley House, which also has graduate student members. This option has appealed to a number of students, including married students, upperclassmen returning from extended leaves of absence, and students who wish to be part of a fully non-residential community.

Students who elect membership in Dudley House are eligible for meal contracts in Dudley House and are included in all social and cultural activities sponsored by the House. They are "deaned" by the Allston Burr Resident Dean for Dudley House and are advised for purposes of fellowship and professional school application by Dudley House tutors.