Health and Safety

  1. In accordance with College fire safety policy, cooking appliances are prohibited in any room or apartment not equipped with kitchen facilities. One exception to this rule is made for the product called Micro-Fridge, which can purchased from the manufacturer, Micro-Fridge, by calling 800-577-8041 or on line at Models MH-2.7TP, MF-3TP, and MF3.6TP are all permitted in student rooms.

  2. No student may keep an animal in a building owned or leased by the College.

  3. Trash must be placed at all times in appropriate containers. Students are required to dispose of their trash according to the particular guidelines established for each residential building by the Building Manager and the Custodial Division.

  4. No chemicals, solvents, grease, paint, or toxic or hazardous substances may be disposed of in the sink, toilet, or shower drains. Students must contact the House Building Manager regarding proper disposal of such items.

  5. Students are not allowed on the roofs or any roofing surfaces of any building.

  6. Students are not allowed on fire escapes except in the case of fire or other emergency.

  7. Occupants of rooms must not place objects, including, but not limited to antennae, satellite dishes, or plants on outside walls, window sills, window frames, roofs, fire escapes, or ledges. Decorations are ordinarily not permitted on the outside of buildings. Exceptions require the approval of the respective House Master or Dean of Freshmen and Building Manager.

  8. Students may use electrical devices, such as hairdryers and electric razors, only if they comply with the standards of the National Electrical Code, Underwriters Laboratories, and Massachusetts laws and regulations, and are not cooking appliances, as stated in item 1 above.

    • Appliances must not be connected to light sockets.

    • Do not daisy chain or plug multiple outlet strip plugs or surge protectors together.

    • No spliced cords are allowed.

    • Extension cords and stereo speaker wiring must be in good condition and of adequate wire gauge.

    • Extension cords and stereo speaker wiring must not be attached to wall or floor surfaces, run through doorways or partitions, or be covered by rugs.

  9. Refrigerators may not be installed in closets or bathrooms or covered with blankets or tablecloths. Cords for refrigerators must comply with item 8 above.

  10. The House Building Manager may request inspection by Facilities Maintenance electricians of any electrical device brought to the College. Should Facilities Maintenance declare the device unsafe for any reason, it must be removed immediately from College housing.

  11. The installation of air conditioners is forbidden without the written approval of the Accessible Education Office.

  12. Students may use equipment for capturing direct broadcast satellite signals only if the installation of these devices does not cause damage to College-owned property and if the installation is performed in accordance with items 5, 6, and 7 above. External antennae, dishes, etc. are prohibited. Students with questions should consult the House Building Manager or the manager of Freshman Dormitories.

  13. All halogen floor lamps are prohibited.

Students are urged to be thoroughly familiar with Fire Safety Regulations, Instructions, and Procedures.