Care of Furnishings and Personal Property

  1. Students are responsible for all University furniture provided in their rooms or apartments. If students in the Houses or dormitories decide not to use some pieces of furniture, they must store them within the building at the direction of the House Building Manager or the manager of Freshman Dormitories. In the DeWolfe Street buildings, furniture storage is not available. Written instructions about the process will be made available during move-in. Students are also responsible for returning any stored pieces to the room before they vacate it. Failure to do so will result in a moving fee.

  2. Students may obtain a bed board or bunk bed guardrail for health or comfort from the House Building Manager or the manager of Freshman Dormitories. The student must sign a form agreeing to be charged the cost of replacing the bed board or bunk bed guardrail if it is not returned by the end of the academic year.

  3. Waterbeds are prohibited in College buildings.

  4. Furnishings for the House and dormitory common areas may not be removed for students’ personal use. Building Managers will remove such furnishings from student rooms when found. Students will be assessed the cost of removing the articles, and the incident may be brought to the attention of the Administrative Board for appropriate disciplinary action.

  5. Students who bring articles of personal property onto the premises of the University do so at their own risk. The University assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for any articles, including mail or parcels sent to students that are damaged, lost, stolen, or left behind after vacating. The University urges students to leave valuables at home or to obtain appropriate property insurance. The University recommends obtaining private insurance if your belongings are not covered by your family’s homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. You may contact the Office of Risk Management for advice regarding insurance options available to Harvard students.

  6. Retrieval of personal property (jewelry, contact lenses, etc.) from sink, shower, toilet and bathroom drains is the financial responsibility of the student requesting retrieval. He or she will be term billed $50 for the cost of the plumber’s time necessary to retrieve the object. This charge applies even if the plumber is unable to retrieve the lost item.

  7. Students must maintain their personal furnishings in a decent state of repair, and remove them from the suite at the time of vacating. Any furnishings that might cause a fire hazard or injury to the cleaning staff must be removed on request.

  8. Students may keep refrigerators in their rooms for personal use if the units meet the following specifications: dimensions not to exceed 36” high x 24” wide x 24” deep; weight not greater than 85 lbs. Building Managers will have a list of some models meeting the guidelines.

  9. It is the students’ responsibility to supply their own telephone equipment, or to rent such at the time they apply for service. All suites are equipped with jacks that accommodate the modern plug-in (modular) cords.

  10. Bicycle racks are provided for active use, not for long-term storage. Bicycles left on racks for extended periods of time, or which appear to be unusable may be removed from bike racks. Check with your Building Manager or Quad Bikes for availability of seasonal storage.