Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary actions within the Houses and dormitories under College supervision include admonition, probation, and requirement to leave the premises. In the latter instance, a written warning will describe what the unacceptable behavior is, the fact that the House Master or Dean of Freshmen has the right to require the student to leave, and what steps must be taken by the student in order to remain in residence. Should the student be unable or unwilling to take the steps to improve the situation and should the student continue to behave in a manner that is detrimental to the well-being of the residential community, the House Master or Dean of Freshmen, in consultation with the Dean of the College, may then require the student to leave the premises even though he or she may continue to be enrolled in the College. A student required to leave a House or dormitory for disciplinary reasons will not ordinarily have the opportunity to return to a College residence.