Guest and inter-House rules for each House are determined by the House Master and the House Committee. Students may invite members of other Houses for any meal at which guests are allowed. If the guest is "on board," there will not be a charge, although an HUID must be shown. Guests not on a meal plan or their hosts may pay the transient rates that are posted at the checkers’ desk (cash, BoardPlus and Crimson Cash are accepted for payment). Guest meals in the resident dining halls are charged as follows:

Continental Breakfast Sunday and Monday holidays $6.50 (with tax)

Breakfast Annenberg, Monday – Saturday $9.00 (with tax)

Breakfast Houses, Monday – Saturday $7.75 (with tax)

Lunch $12.00 (with tax)

Dinner $15.00 (with tax)

Food may not be shared with or given to those who are not on a board contract or who have not paid for the meal.