Administrative Board Petitions and Cases

The Administrative Board acts on different types of petitions and cases, categorized as routine and special petitions, disciplinary cases, and academic review. Students may refer to the Guide for Students for more information on the number of petitions and cases, category by category, considered by the Board in 2008-2009.

The Board may delegate certain petitions to an Executive Committee of the Board for action. Such petitions involve a well-established response by the Board. When the circumstances of a petition are clearly understood, this committee can consider and respond to it promptly, freeing the full Board to focus on the more complicated disciplinary and academic cases. Granting makeup examinations for medical reasons and granting leaves of absence from the College are examples of petitions which may be referred to the Executive Committee of the Board.

The full Board or its appointed subcommittee hears all disciplinary and academic review cases. Violation of the alcohol rules, disruptive conduct, academic dishonesty, and sexual harassment are typical of the disciplinary cases it handles. After the close of each term, the Board reviews all unsatisfactory academic records and determines what action, if any, should be taken.