Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies designates multi-disciplinary analysis of two- and three-dimensional spatial contexts altered or created by people. Examples range from the very large scale (theaters of warfare, rural regions, continental coastal zones) to mid-scale (cities, suburbs, resort islands, wheat ranches) to small-scale (neighborhoods, parks, yards, film sets) to micro media, and virtual reality, including the non-manifest imagination.

Requirements: 6 half-courses

A total of six courses are required for students wishing to pursue Environmental Studies as a secondary field. Students choosing this secondary field option should ordinarily enroll first in VES 107. Possible courses include VES 107, 160, 166 and 167; VES 182, 184, and 185; ENG-SCI 6 and 103. In addition, courses taken at the GSD as well as other relevant courses taken at the College may be acceptable. Please consult Professor John Stilgoe (617-495-1949) for other possible courses to fulfill a secondary field in environmental studies.