The Department of Music offers one secondary field designed to be flexible enough to accommodate a broad range of interests in this field. Students are free to explore the field by selecting a variety of courses, or they may focus on any aspect of the larger field.

Requirements: 5 half-courses

Any five half-courses selected from among the courses offered in Music (including Core courses, Gen Ed courses and Freshman Seminars taught by Music Department faculty), with the exceptions noted below:

  1. No more than one half-course may be selected from Music 1a, Music 1b, Music 2, Music 3, Music 4, Music 5, Core Courses, Gen Ed Courses, or Freshman Seminars.

  2. No more than one half-course may be selected from Music 93r, Music 121a, Music 121b, Music 125a, Music 125b, Music 126b (or any other course in the Music 120 series), or Music 180r.

Other Information

Secondary field students are not required to take Music 51 and 154, although they are welcome in those classes. With the permission of the instructor, secondary field students may take some upper-level courses without having taken Music 51 and 154 as prerequisites.

Courses taken abroad, or in the summer school, can be counted in the secondary field only with the permission of the department, normally granted only after the course has been completed.

Advising Resources and Expectations

Students pursuing a secondary field are urged to seek out members of the Music Department faculty for advice on their specific course choices. For general information about the department, its faculty, and courses visit the department website.

For more information on the secondary field and for advising, please speak to either the secondary field adviser, Mary Gerbi (617-495-2791;, or the head tutor, Thomas Forrest Kelly (617-495-2791).