Language History and Language Structure

The pathway in Language History and Language Structure is designed for students whose curiosity about linguistics is an outgrowth of their interest in specific languages or their "love of languages" in general. Such students may also have considered concentrating or taking courses in an ancient or modern language field (Classics, Romance, Slavic, Near Eastern languages, East Asian languages, etc.); or they may simply be looking for ways to learn more about the history and structure of English.

Requirements: 5 half-courses

  1. Two foundational courses, consisting of

    1. Linguistics 110: Introduction to Linguistics; or Social Analysis 34: Knowledge of Language

    2. Linguistics 83: Language, Structure, Culture; or Fresh. Sem. 34x: Language and Prehistory

  2. Three more advanced courses, chosen from among

    1. Linguistics 117r: Linguistic Field Methods; Linguistics 120: Introduction to Historical Linguistics; or Linguistics 122: Introduction to Indo-European; or

    2. Any more specialized course in historical linguistics, e.g. Linguistics 168: Introduction to Germanic Linguistics; Greek 134: The Language of Homer; Linguistics 176: History of the Japanese Language; or

    3. Any more specialized course in descriptive linguistics, e.g. Linguistics 171: Structure of Chinese; Linguistics 174: Tense and Aspect in Japanese; Slavic 126a: Structure of Modern Russian