General Social Anthropology

This option provides students with the broadest possible range of courses from across the discipline and is suggested for students who would like a general sense of what anthropologists do and how they do it. This is a good choice for students who have an interest in Social Anthropology, but no clearly defined subject matter they want to explore.

Requirements: 4 half-courses

  1. One entry-level half-course in Anthropology. Entry-level courses include:

    1. Anthropology 1600: Introduction to Social Anthropology

    2. Social Analysis 70: Food and Culture

    3. Foreign Cultures 84: Tokyo

    4. Foreign Cultures 74: Cultures of Southern Europe

    5. Foreign Cultures 86: West African Cultures

    6. Social Analysis 28: Culture, Illness and Healing: Introduction to Medical Anthropology

  2. Three additional half-courses in Social Anthropology; this may include a Junior Tutorial (Anthropology 98z) or, with the permission of the instructor and approval by the Director of Undergraduate Studies, a graduate-level (Anthropology 2xxx) seminar.