Scandinavian Studies Specific Requirements

This option is intended for students who wish to combine the study of Scandinavian literature and culture with the study of some aspect of Western civilization closely related to a special area of the larger field of Scandinavian Languages and Literatures. Programs in Scandinavian and other literatures (including German), drama, folklore, history, linguistics, or an aspect of the social sciences may be submitted for approval by the director of undergraduate studies. Note that this is not considered a joint concentration and that the level of honors will be determined solely by the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures.

  1. Basic required courses: Ten half-courses.

    1. Six half-courses in Scandinavian (may include Scandinavian 91r and Scandinavian 97 and 98).

    2. Four half-courses in related subjects.

  2. Courses required for honors eligibility: Twelve half-courses
        a-b. Same as item 1, above.
        c. Scandinavian 99 (two terms). Honors thesis.

  3. Other information: For a list of approved related courses, see the director of undergraduate studies, who must also also approve each concentrator's courses.