Hispanic Studies

Basic Requirements: 12 half-courses

  1. Required courses:

    1. Two survey half-courses:

      1. Spanish 70a or 70c.

      2. Spanish 71a or 71b.

    2. A maximum of one of the following advanced half-courses in language: Spanish 40, 50, 60, or 65. Note: Must be satisfied with a grade of B+ or better. See language proficiency requirement below.  Courses taken outside Harvard may be substituted upon approval from the undergraduate adviser in Spanish.  Concentrators who demonstrate advanced language proficiency should take one additional half-course in Hispanic literature in lieu of an advanced half-course in language.

    3. Sophomore Tutorial: Spanish 97.
    4. One half-course in the Spanish 90 series.

    5. A minimum of four half-courses in Spanish that are numbered 100 or above or are tutorials. At least two of the non-tutorial half-courses must treat literature before 1800, and at least five must be taught in Spanish.

    6. Up to three half-courses in related fields. These include courses in anthropology, the Core Curriculum, the Program in General Education, English, government, history, history of art and architecture, etc. One intermediate or advanced course in another Romance language or Latin may be counted as a related field. The undergraduate adviser in Spanish must approve all courses to be counted as related fields.

  2. Tutorial: Sophomore year, Spanish 97 (one term) required of all concentrators. Small-group instruction. Letter-graded.

  3. Thesis: Required of honors candidates only.

  4. Other information:

    1. Pass/Fail: Courses taken for concentration credit may not be taken Pass/Fail.

    2. Language Requirement:  Concentrators must demonstrate advanced proficiency in Spanish.  Advanced proficiency may be demonstrated by a perfect score (800) on the SAT or Harvard Placement Test, or by completion of one advanced language course (Spanish 40, 50, 60, or 65) with a grade of B+ or higher, or by passing an oral competency examination administered by the undergraduate adviser in Spanish.  Concentrators are expected to demonstrate advanced oral and written language proficiency by the end of the junior year.  

    3. Combining Spanish with one or two other Romance languages and literary traditions: See the Romance Studies track.

    4. Freshman Seminars: With the approval of the undergraduate adviser, up to one Freshman Seminar, for which the student has received a Satisfactory evaluation, may be counted in category 1e.

Hispanic Studies
Requirements for Honors Eligibility: 14 half-courses

Honors candidates must take one term of Spanish 98: Junior Tutorial with weekly one-on-one instruction. This will count toward the requirement listed in item 1d of Basic Requirements.

In addition to the Basic Requirements, honors candidates are required to take two terms of Spanish 99 (graded SAT/UNS) and complete an honors thesis. A thesis proposal is made by the honors candidate and approved by the undergraduate adviser in Spanish in conjunction with other faculty members and members of the tutorial board in the spring term of the junior year.

Also, at the end of their senior year, normally during the Reading Period in May, all honors candidates must take a three-hour written examination, as well as an hour-long oral examination.

Hispanic Studies
Joint Concentration Requirements

Upon approval from the undergraduate adviser in Spanish, honors candidates may combine a concentration in Hispanic Studies with a concentration in another department significantly related to some aspect of the literature or culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Ordinarily, only students with a strong concentration GPA and a clearly formulated project bridging the two disciplines will receive approval. In recent years, programs in Hispanic Studies and Anthropology and Hispanic Studies and History of Art and Architecture have been approved. During the senior year, completion of an honors thesis is required, as are written and oral general examinations in Spanish. A total of six half-courses in Hispanic Studies, in addition to the senior thesis, is required of joint concentrators:

  1. Required courses:

    1. Two survey courses: Spanish 70a or 70c and Spanish 71a or 71b.

    2. Sophomore Tutorial: Spanish 97.

    3. Junior Tutorial: Spanish 98, or equivalent.

    4. Two half-courses in Spanish at the 100 level or above.

    5. Senior Thesis: Either two semesters of Spanish 99 or the senior thesis tutorial in the related department.

For further information, please consult the undergraduate adviser in Spanish.