Mind, Brain, and Behavior Track

15 half-courses

Students interested in studying philosophical questions that arise in connection with the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior may pursue a program of study affiliated with the University-wide Mind/Brain/Behavior (MBB) Initiative, that allows them to participate in a variety of related activities. MBB track programs must be approved on an individual basis by the Philosophy MBB adviser. Further information can be obtained from the undergraduate coordinator.

  1. Required courses:

    1. Three basic MBB half-courses:

      1. Science of Living Systems 20 (or Science B-62 for classes of 2012 and 2011; or Science B-29 for classes of 2010 or earlier).

      2. Molecular and Cellular Biology 80 (formerly Biological Sciences 80).

      3. Junior year seminar in Mind, Brain, and Behavior.

    2. One introductory half-course in philosophy, preferably an introduction to the problems of philosophy (Philosophy 3).

    3. Philosophy 156.

    4. One half-course in logic.

    5. Two further half-courses in contemporary metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, or philosophy of language.

    6. Two half-courses covering two of the following three areas: history of ancient philosophy, history of modern philosophy, ethics.

    7. Two further MBB-listed half-courses from outside the philosophy department, to be selected in consultation with the MBB adviser.

  2. Tutorials:

    1. Tutorial 1: Same as Basic Requirements.

    2. Senior Tutorial: Same as Requirements for Honors Eligibility.

  3. General Examination: None.

  4. Other information: Same as Basic Requirements.