Linguistics with Mind, Brain, and Behavior (MBB) Track

14 half-courses

  1. Required non-tutorial courses (9 half-courses):

    1. Three required half-courses in Linguistics:

      1. Linguistics 110: Introduction to Linguistics or Social Analysis 34.

      2. Linguistics 112a: Introduction to Syntactic Theory.

      3. Linguistics 115a: Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology.


        Linguistics 116a: Introduction to Semantics.

    2. Three required half-courses in MBB:

      1. Science of Living Systems 20 (or Science B-62 for classes of 2012 and 2011; or Science B-29 for classes of 2010 or earlier).

      2. MCB 80: Neurobiology of Behavior.

      3. An MBB interdisciplinary seminar (see the MBB website for more information).

    3. One additional half-course in linguistics.

    4. One additional half-course in MBB.

    5. One additional half-course in linguistics with an MBB focus. Examples of such courses include “Natural Language Processing,” “Philosophy of Language,” and “Cognitive Neuropsychology.”

      Note: No course can be counted doubly to satisfy requirements 1a-1c.

      The courses to be counted towards the MBB requirements must be approved by the head tutor. Approval is automatic if the course is chosen from those listed in the Requirements for the Linguistics with MBB Track (also available upon request from the department).

  2. Required Tutorials: Same as Linguistics Requirements for Honors Eligibility.

  3. Required Languages: Same as Linguistics Requirements for Honors Eligibility.

  4. Thesis: Same as Linguistics Track.

  5. General Information: Same as Linguistics Track.

  6. Other information:

    1. Pass/Fail: Courses taken Pass/Fail cannot be counted for concentration credit.

    2. Students with an unusually strong background may be permitted to substitute another linguistics course for Linguistics 110.