Linguistics with Related Field Track

  1. Required non-tutorial courses in Linguistics (5 half-courses):

    1. Linguistics 110: Introduction to Linguistics or Social Analysis 34: Knowledge of Language

    2. Of the following three half-courses, Basic concentrators must take two half-courses, Honors concentrators must take all three:

      1. Linguistics 112a: Introduction to Syntactic Theory

      2. Linguistics 115a: Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology

      3. Linguistics 120: Introduction to Historical Linguistics


        Linguistics 122: Introduction to Indo-European

    3. Basic concentrators take two additional half-courses in Linguistics; honors candidates take an additional course in Linguistics.

  2. Four half-courses in a related field (for example, psychology, Romance languages, computer science, etc.). These may include half-courses relevant for the scientific study of language, but not directly within its purview; for example, not only courses such as "Semitic Linguistics" are acceptable, but also courses such as "Complex Fournier Analysis" and "Philosophy of the Mind." Each program of study is approved on an individual basis by the Head Tutor.

  3. Required Tutorials: Same as Linguistics Track.

  4. Required Languages: Same as Linguistics Track.

  5. Thesis: Same as Linguistics Track.

  6. Other information:

    1. Pass/Fail: Courses taken Pass/Fail may not be counted for concentration credit.

    2. Students with an unusually strong background may be permitted to substitute another linguistics course for Linguistics 110.