Human Evolutionary Biology/Mind Brain and Behavior Track
14 half-courses

  1. Required Courses:

    1. Life Sciences 1b (normally in freshman year).

    2. Science of Living Systems 20 or Science B-29 (or Science B-62 for classes of 2012 and 2011).

    3. MCB 80 (formerly Biological Sciences 80).

    4. Two half-courses, to be chosen from among the following subfields: human evolution, human anatomy and/or physiology, human reproductive biology, primate behavioral ecology, human behavioral ecology, evolutionary biology, genetics and genomics.

    5. Two additional half-courses in Mind, Brain, and Behavior.

    6. Three additional half-courses in related fields. These can include: up to three half-courses from Physical Sciences 1, 2, and 3; up to two half-courses of math and/or biostatistics; one half-course of organic chemistry; up to two half-courses in approved courses in additional related fields (e.g., Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Psychology).

  2. Tutorials (All letter-graded):

    1. Sophomore year: Sophomore tutorial (ordinarily taken in the spring term of the sophomore year). Same as Basic Requirements.

    2. Junior year: One half-course MBB-approved seminar.

    3. Senior year: HEB 99 (full course, letter graded), culminating in the submission of a senior thesis, followed by an oral examination on the thesis.

  3. Thesis: Required.

  4. General Examination: One-hour oral defense (see Thesis, above).

  5. Other information: Same as Basic Requirements.