Film Studies

  1. Introductory Courses: Three half-courses comprising Visual and Environmental Studies 70, 71 and72.

  2. Film Theory: One half-course in film theory.

  3. Electives: Four half-courses directly related to film and visual studies. Offerings under this heading will include both film studies classes offered in VES by regular and visiting faculty as well as pertinent film studies classes offered in departments outside of VES.

  4. Advanced Film Studies Seminars: At least two advanced Film Studies seminars.

  5. Thesis or Senior Project: Students who write a thesis or senior project essay will enroll in VES 99, which constitutes two half-courses. Students who choose not to write a thesis will instead take two additional advanced film studies courses (these choices are subject to the approval of the director of undergraduate studies). VES 99 is considered an elective and is not a required course.
    Note: A list of courses in film theory and other approved film studies courses may be obtained from the director of undergraduate studies in Film Studies and on the Film Studies website.