Study at Other Boston-Area Institutions

From time to time, students with strong academic plans wish to incorporate in those plans one or more courses at a local college or university with which Harvard does not have a cross-registration agreement, while continuing to be enrolled and take courses in the College. (The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has cross-registration agreements with the other Harvard Faculties and with MIT; see Cross-Registration.) Such students wishing to earn Harvard degree credit during a given term for one or two courses that are not available at Harvard and that contribute to a compelling academic plan tied to their concentration, endorsed by their Head Tutor or Director of Undergraduate Studies, may petition the Administrative Board by the appropriate deadline for the term in which the student wishes to include courses elsewhere in their plans of study. It is each student’s responsibility to gain admission to and pay for the instruction at the other institution and to present a transcript from the other institution for the work completed at the end of the term, following the usual procedures for study out of residence. Harvard tuition is reduced for these students on a per-course basis for each course taken elsewhere for Harvard degree credit, and those students eligible for financial aid may apply their aid to the costs of studying at the other institution. Provided that their combined program at Harvard and the other institution adds up to a full load, students may continue in College housing subject to the ordinary eligibility rules. All other administrative procedures and limitations on the overall amount of credit a student may earn out of residence follow the policies for full-time study out of residence (see Procedures for Earning Degree Credit for Study Abroad). For more information, a student should consult his or her Resident Dean of Freshmen or Allston Burr Resident Dean.