Students are required to register online at an on-campus location at the opening of each term by the date designated in the calendar for the academic year. Registration for a student may be “held” if the student needs to take action before being allowed to register. A financial hold indicates that the student must clear his or her account with the Student Receivables Office before being allowed to register. A medical hold usually requires the submission of further immunization documentation to Medical Records at Harvard University Health Services. The International Office may also place a hold on the registration of a foreign student if the student has not yet presented his or her credentials to that office. Students should visit the appropriate office and make arrangements to clear the hold that has been placed on his or her registration. A student who fails to register by the prescribed date is subject to disciplinary action and will incur a $50 charge. Registration information is available at Ordinarily, no students, including those who have not been able to register for financial reasons, will be allowed to register after 5 pm on the Monday following the date prescribed for submission of that term’s study card. (For additional registration information, see the Academic Calendar and Study Cards.)

Any person who has previously received a bachelor’s degree may not enroll or reenroll in Harvard College.