Divisible Full Courses

Entering the Course in the Spring and Completing It in the Fall Term
Taking a full course in a spring-fall sequence rather than the reverse requires special administrative procedures. In order to enter a full course at midyear, a student must have the instructor’s permission, as evidenced by his or her signature on the study card. When completing a full course at the end of the fall term, a student must divide the course with credit, either by marking “dwc” on the study card or by filing a special petition available in the Allston Burr Resident Dean’s or Freshman Dean’s Office, including all required signatures (see "Dividing with Half-Course Credit at Midyear” below). A student who fails to divide the course at midyear will remain enrolled for the spring term. Moreover, a student who withdraws from a full course will receive no credit for it; the transcript will show a WD for the course.

Continuing for the Second Term with an Unexcused Absence
A student who has an unexcused absence (grade of ABS) in a full course at midyear and who wishes to continue in it for half-course credit for the spring term must file a petition with the Registrar. The instructor’s permission is required. No credit for the fall term is granted in such cases.

Dividing with Half-Course Credit at Midyear
Students may divide a full course with half-course credit for the fall term no later than the fifth Monday of the following spring term by indicating “dwc” on the spring term study card or by filing with the Resident Dean a special change-of-course petition, including all required signatures.

Leaving a Divisible Course at Midyear Because of Absence from the College
When a student who is enrolled in a divisible course leaves the College at midyear, the Registrar will divide the course for credit automatically, provided that the student has a passing midyear grade. If the student has a failing grade in a divisible course, the Registrar will withdraw the student; however, the fall term failing grade makes the student’s record for that term unsatisfactory, and the student will be subject to academic review by the Administrative Board. Upon return to the College, the student may change the “divide with credit” to a withdraw, or vice versa, by filing the appropriate petition by the seventh Monday of the first term of the student’s return to Harvard. Late petitions can be processed only with the approval of the Administrative Board.

Changing Letter-Graded or Pass/Fail Status
The fall term grading status of a full course may be changed up to the fifth Monday of the fall term. A student who is enrolled in a full course during the fall term may change the grading status of that course for the spring term by filing an appropriate change-of-grade petition by the fifth Monday of the spring term. Pass/Fail grading status always requires the instructor’s permission. When the grading status of a full course is different for the fall and spring terms, the midyear grade will appear on the transcript as a fall term, half-course grade.