The Core Curriculum Requirement

There are eleven areas in the Core Curriculum:

Since the goal of the Core requirement is to broaden each student’s perspective, students must pass one letter-graded course in each of the seven areas that will give their overall program the greatest breadth. The Core requirement for each concentration appears on the following pages and in its section in Fields of Concentration and Secondary Fields. The Core requirements for Advanced Standing students who graduate in fewer than eight terms, and for transfer students, are explained in "Options for Meeting Core Area Requirement." Courses taken in exempt areas and courses taken Pass/Fail cannot be used to satisfy the Core requirement. As a rule, Harvard Summer School courses cannot be used to meet the Core requirement. Students should consult the General Education Office for information about specific Summer School courses that can be taken for Core credit. Information regarding departmental courses that can be counted for Core area credit is given below in the section "Options for Meeting Core Area Requirements."

Students are well advised to fulfill all seven Core areas before their last term in residence.