Harvard College maintains information about a student’s work and progress at the College for two fundamental reasons: to aid officers of the University in advising and guiding the student toward completion of the degree and to serve as an historical record of the student’s work and activity at the College. The information includes routine records such as permanent and College addresses, admissions records, enrollment status, course reports, completion of requirements and progress toward the degree, field of concentration, advising reports and evaluations, records of disciplinary actions, letters of recommendation, and any other official correspondence with or concerning the student.

To be useful, a student’s record must be accurate and complete. The officials who maintain the records are those in charge of the functions reflected in the records and the offices where the records are kept. These ordinarily include the Registrar of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Dean of Freshmen, the Director of Admissions, the Allston Burr Resident Deans, the Head Tutors or Directors of Undergraduate Studies and Chairs of departments or concentration committees, and the Registrar of the Harvard Summer School. Other officers of the University who wish to place documents or other information in a student’s record must consult with one of these officials who will ensure appropriate form and content of the information submitted. In addition, all students have access to their own records and may contribute to the record if there is need to clarify documents or references contained in it (see Access).

Students should direct any questions they have about the accuracy of records to the person in charge of the office where the records are kept. If questions still remain, the matter may be referred to the Dean of Harvard College. When necessary, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Committee on the Privacy, Security, and Accessibility of Records is available to hear challenges concerning the accuracy of records in those cases where informal discussions have not resolved questions and challenges. The Committee may be reached through the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University Hall, Ground Floor.