Change of Course

After the study card is filed, any change in the program, including all corrections to courses, can be made only by filing the proper change-of-course form. It can be obtained from the Allston Burr Resident Dean, the Freshman Dean’s Office, or the Registrar’s Office. Any change in the program requires the signature of the student’s concentration, freshman, or sophomore adviser, as well as the signature of the Resident Dean. In addition, petitions to add a course or to change the grading status of a course to Pass/Fail, or to change the grading status of a full course at midyear, or to divide, suspend, or combine a full course require the signature of the instructor (see Full Courses—Divisible and Indivisible). Students may make one course change (or one combination of drop and add) per form.

Each term, the Registrar makes the student record available online to each student, listing the courses in which the student is enrolled. The reports may be found at the Advising Network Portal ( or at (select “Undergraduates,” then “student record”). It is the student’s responsibility to review the course report carefully, and to file the appropriate change-of-course petition if corrections are necessary. If a course was listed properly on the study card originally, there is no charge for the correction. Corrections (as opposed to changes) to student records made after the established deadlines of the fifth or seventh Monday of the term must be approved by the Administrative Board and will incur a charge of $25 in addition to the charge of $10 for correction of student errors made on the study card. The student can confirm the recording of drop/add petitions by checking the student record online.

Dropping/Adding Courses

Students may add a course until the fifth Monday of the term with the permission of the instructor. Students may drop a course from their record only until the fifth Monday of the term.

Students are not charged for any drop/add petitions filed by the third Monday of the term. All students pay a $10 fee for drop/add petitions filed after the third Monday but by the fifth Monday of the term.

Withdrawing from Courses without Credit

A student may petition to withdraw from a course. Such a petition must be submitted by the seventh Monday of a term. When a petition to withdraw from a course has been approved, the student’s record will carry the notation WD for the course. The transcript states: “WD indicates permission to withdraw from the course without completing requirements and credit for the course.” All students pay a $10 fee for withdrawal petitions filed by the seventh Monday of the term.

A student who does not receive permission to drop or withdraw from a course by the fifth or seventh Monday, respectively, and who is absent from a regularly scheduled mid-year or final examination, during the Mid-year or Final Examination Period, will receive a grade of ABS (Absent) in the course. An unexcused ABS is equivalent in all respects to a failing grade.

Changing Letter-Graded or Pass/Fail Status of Courses

A course may be added Pass/Fail, changed from letter-graded to Pass/Fail (with the instructor’s approval), or changed from Pass/Fail to letter-graded until the fifth Monday of the term. After that day, no changes in the grading status of any course can be made. There is no fee for changing the grading status in a course. (See Cross-Registration and Full Courses.)