Examination Scheduling

An Examination Group for most courses is published as an arabic number within the course description in Courses of Instruction. Exam Groups ordinarily correspond to class meeting times and change if the meeting time changes. Occasionally, the Registrar will assign an Exam Group that does not correspond to the meeting time of the course. When the meeting time of a course spans more than one class hour, the Registrar chooses the Exam Group, taking student schedules into consideration.

Many factors must be considered when scheduling eighteen Exam Groups in an eight-day Examination Period, including student conflicts, room availability, and personnel resources. Unfortunately, the Registrar is unable to accommodate individual requests to assign alternative Exam Groups to courses.

Since the days and hours for courses are subject to change, official dates and times for examinations are published on the Final Examination Schedule that is posted online at www.registrar.fas.harvard.edu at the beginning of Reading Period. This posted schedule is subject to change.

In selecting courses, students should understand that final exams for two courses that fall within the same Exam Group or Exam Group Set (see below) will be scheduled on the same day. Students who want to avoid having two exams on one day should not enroll in two courses with the same Exam Group or Exam Group Set. All courses assigned to the following Exam Group Sets are scheduled to have their final exams on the same day:

Exam Groups 1, 7, 14
Exam Groups 2, 15, 16 Exam Groups 6, 10
Exam Groups 8, 9, 11, 12, 17, 18

Courses that meet at four popular meeting times have their own exam groups and days:

Exam Group 3 for courses that meet MWF at 10 am.
Exam Group 4 for courses that meet MWF at 11 am.
Exam Group 5 for courses that meet MWF at 12 noon.
Exam Group 13 for course that meet TuTh at 11 am.

Students who have two exams scheduled for the same time will be reassigned an exam time other than the one posted for one of the courses. Students will be informed of this alternate exam time at least one week prior to the first day of exams.