Harvard College Women’s Center

Harvard College Women’s Center (and The Ann Radcliffe Trust)
Susan Marine, Director
Canaday Hall, Ground Level 617-495-4292

The mission of the Harvard College Women’s Center is to promote awareness of women’s and gender issues and to support contributions by women that challenge, motivate, and inspire. By centralizing resources and offering original programs, we empower students and student organizations to achieve their visions in pursuit of these goals. The Women’s Center is committed to creating a welcoming environment that encourages diversity of perspective, experience, and values.

Designed as a space both for meetings and for relaxation, the Women’s Center offers a comprehensive outreach and support structure for undergraduate women individually, and for women’s student organizations. The staff of the center can provide support and information on a wide variety of issues and serve as a clearinghouse for resources on campus. The Center promotes Harvard’s women by linking faculty, alumni, and current Harvard women through conferences, workshops, mentorship, meals, and networking events. Through the Ann Radcliffe Trust, undergraduate student organizations may apply for grants to support student projects and programs that raise awareness of women’s issues among students and increase the visibility of women in the College.