The Use of Harvard University’s Trademarks (Names and Insignia)

Harvard University's Trademark Program, in the Office of the Provost, is responsible for licensing the use of Harvard’s various trademarks (e.g., "Harvard," "Harvard College," "Harvard Law School," "Radcliffe," "the VERITAS shield," etc.) throughout the world. Revenue from the Program is provided to FAS and is used for undergraduate financial aid. Any student group wishing to reproduce any University trademark on products (e.g., t-shirts, mugs, etc.) must contact the Trademark Program for written approval.

The Trademark Program will provide guidance on how the marks may be used, can recommend licensed manufacturers, and advise when royalty exemptions apply. Student groups should also make themselves familiar with "The Use of Harvard's Names and Trademarks by Student Organizations" section of the Student Organizations Handbook. All student group names, logos, or publications incorporating any of the University’s trademarks are owned by the President and Fellows of Harvard College and are used by permission of the University. In addition to licensing, the Trademark Program is responsible for dealing with the unauthorized use of the University’s trademarks by third parties worldwide. Any unauthorized use of the Harvard trademarks should be reported to the Trademark Program, see