Publicity and Solicitation

Distribution of Printed Matter

Distribution of printed matter in the Houses, dormitories, Annenberg Hall, or on Harvard property must be approved by the Office of the Dean of Harvard College. The House Masters and the Dean of Freshmen have the right to regulate the time, place, and manner of distribution in their areas. In each of the above cases, permission to distribute printed matter may be granted upon application to the Office of the Dean of Harvard College. Student groups may also wish to use the distribution services of Harvard Student Agencies. For distribution of materials outdoors, all organizations must complete and have approved an online application.

Should a group of students who are not a formally recognized organization wish to distribute printed matter on campus, permission to do so may be granted by the Office of the Dean of Harvard College upon submission of a petition signed by ten registered undergraduates. Distribution cannot occur until approval has been made explicit.


Posters may be placed only on bulletin boards and kiosks and not on doors, fences, entry posts, gates, poles, waste containers, sidewalks, or other similar places. Organizations violating these rules may be fined up to $200 per daily violation and may lose postering privileges by the College. The defacement of sidewalks or buildings with posters, chalk, or any other material is prohibited.


Student organizations are prohibited from advertising events by use of balloons in Harvard Yard. In rare circumstances, permission may be granted by the College Dean’s Office.


See Chapter 5 regarding regulations for the use of electronic mail.


Solicitation in University buildings and on University property must have prior approval of the proper authority. Permission for each of the following activities must be obtained from the indicated office: