Chapter 9: Extracurricular Activities

Believing that extracurricular activities provide students with important opportunities for personal development and growth outside the classroom and that they complement students’ academic endeavors, the College supports a wide variety of pursuits including public service, the arts, and athletics. Through these activities undergraduates meet peers of similar interests, discover an outlet for their talents, and make a valuable contribution to Harvard and the community.

To familiarize students with the wealth of extracurricular possibilities available to them, this chapter discusses those activities directed by officers of the University, followed by a list of the organizations that fall under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Dean of Harvard College. The regulations that govern undergraduate organizations are also included here and outlined in more detail in the Student Organizations Handbook, available in the Office of Student Life and Activities located in University Hall, Ground Floor South, or online at For a discussion of student government in Harvard College, see Chapter 6.

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