Harvard College Student Organization Center at Hilles (SOCH)

Radcliffe Quadrangle
Center Hours: 7 days, 7am-4am
Penthouse Coffee Bar: Sunday-Thursday, 7pm-1am
Listserv: soch-list@fas.harvard.edu

The Student Organization Center at Hilles has been designed to draw Harvard’s vast, diverse, and stimulating network of student organizations together into one space that can support their individual goals while sparking new channels of conversation and collaboration. It is open to all Harvard College students and recognized student organizations. The open nature of the building, extensive technological resources, and unprecedented dedication of resources have been established to facilitate collaboration and strengthen relationships between groups, and to create a social space that fosters community. The SOCH Advisory Board, comprised of students and administrators, provides direction, feedback, and oversight for programs, facilities, and activities.

The mission of the SOCH is


All recognized student organizations at the College are welcome to host meetings, rehearsals, and events at the SOCH. With over 40,000 square feet of space on four floors, the building features facilities ideal for many student activities:


For information on individual events, see the College calendar at events.college.harvard.edu.