Peer Counseling

The Mental Health Service at HUHS, in conjunction with the Bureau of Study Counsel, oversees the training and supervision of five undergraduate peer counseling groups offering anonymous, confidential hotline and drop-in counseling throughout the academic year.


Thayer Basement
Hotline and drop-in hours: Thu.–Sun., 8 pm–1 am

Contact is staffed by Harvard undergraduates who have been trained as peer counselors. The Contact staff includes women and men of various sexual orientations, racial backgrounds, and religious affiliations—a diverse group prepared to assist a diverse community. All Contact staff members share a deep concern about issues of sexual orientation, sex, sexuality and relationships and are interested in discussion of these topics. They also maintain a rapidly growing library of books, pamphlets, news clippings, and magazines. Drops-ins are welcome to peruse materials in the office or to borrow them from the library.

Eating Concerns Hotline and Outreach (ECHO)

Quincy House, F-Entry Basement
Hotline hours: Nightly, 8 pm–8 am Drop-in hours: Sun.–Thu., 8–11 pm

ECHO is a peer counseling group that addresses concerns surrounding eating, body image, and self-esteem. ECHO staff members are undergraduates trained to provide non-judgmental support, both for those dealing with these issues and those who are concerned about a friend, roommate, significant other, or family member. In addition to staffing drop-in hours and a hotline, ECHO staff members plan and produce outreach events for the Harvard community.


HUHS 5th floor
Hotline and drop-in hours: Nightly, 7 pm–midnight

Peer Contraceptive Counselors is a group of undergraduate men and women who counsel Harvard students about contraceptives, sexually transmitted infections, relationships, and sexuality.


Lowell House Basement E 13
Hotline hours: Nightly, 9 pm–8 am Drop-in hours: Sun.–Thu., 9 pm–midnight
For 24-hour assistance: contact the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (OSAPR) 24-hour Hotline at 617-495-9100.

Response is a group of undergraduate women professionally trained to provide peer counseling on issues of rape, abuse, intimate violence, psychological and physical harassment, and relationships. Response staff members provide non-judgmental support, honest answers, and information, and are aware of resources on and off-campus for individuals in need of medical, legal, and/or psychological support. Response also provides outreach opportunities to the Harvard student community during the academic year.


Thayer Hall Basement
617-495-4969 Hotline and Drop-in hours: Nightly, 7 pm–7 am

Room 13 is the oldest peer counseling group at Harvard. It is staffed by a group of men and women; each night a male and a female peer counselor are available to listen and offer support on any issue affecting students. Room 13 staff members offer a supportive, sympathetic ear, maintain strict confidentiality, and welcome discussion of any concerns without criticizing or passing judgment. Room 13 staff members don’t claim to have any easy answers, but understand that sometimes it helps just to talk to someone who is attentive and truly cares about what one has to say.