HCL Libraries

Lamont Library

Harvard Yard
Sun.–Thu., 24 hours Fri., closes 9:45 pm Sat., 8 am – 9:45 pm Sun., opens 8 am (schedule changes during intersession)

Lamont Library houses a number of services. For undergraduates, it holds the books required for most courses and tutorials, course-reserve readings, and books for general reading. Also in Lamont are Morse Music and Media, the Woodberry Poetry Room, the Farnsworth Room recreational reading collection, and the Language Resource Center. The Lamont Library Café is located on the main level. For details on the café, please visit: http://www.dining.harvard.edu/campus_restaurants/.

accessThe main entrance of Lamont is ramped for wheelchair access and there is elevator service to all levels. Some University telephones and pay phones in the library are adapted for voice amplification; check with library staff for locations.

Cabot Science Library

Science Center
Regular Term Hours: Mon.–Thu., 8:30 am–midnight; Fri., 8:30 am–6 pm Sat., noon–10 pm; Sun., 10 am–midnight (schedule changes during intersession)

Located in the Science Center, Cabot houses general collections in all areas of science, with undergraduate materials in applied sciences, astronomy, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, geology, physics, zoology, history of science, and agricultural engineering; and research collections in earth and planetary sciences, pure mathematics, and theoretical statistics. The library has ample study space on three levels, as well as rooms for group study and for viewing videos of selected courses given in the Science Center.

accessAccess for persons with disabilities: The Science Center is wheelchair-accessible and the elevator key is available. For more information call 617-496-4958. Special services include HOLLIS terminal with printer and VisualTek closed-circuit television enlargement for viewing printed or microfiche material. Group study rooms can be used for readers with visual handicaps, although not on a reserved-time basis.

Widener Library

Harvard Yard
Mon.–Thu., 9 am–10 pm; Fri., 9 am–7 pm, Sat., 9 am–5 pm; Sun., noon–8 pm (schedule changes during intersession)
617-495-2414 / 617-495-2413

Harvard’s flagship library located centrally in the Yard, Widener contains more than 3.5 million books, journals, and other materials that comprise one of the world’s most comprehensive research collections in the humanities and social sciences. The library has four spacious reading rooms featuring a variety of seating and study spaces, wireless connectivity, power/data jacks, and ample lighting. Orientation tours of the building are offered throughout each term. See the Website for details.

accessParts of the building are wheelchair-accessible from the Massachusetts Avenue entrance.

The Harvard Map Collection

Pusey Library
Mon.–Fri., 10 am–4:45 pm

America’s oldest map collection includes rare editions of Mercator, Ortelius, and Ptolemaic atlases, as well as large-scale current topographic maps of geographic areas throughout the world. It also features significant holdings of early state, county, and town maps from the mid-19th century. The modern maps include topographic series from around the world, thematic maps, nautical charts, aerial photography, and satellite imagery. The Harvard Map Collection acquires and provides access to digital cartographic resources and geographic information systems.

accessPeople with disabilities wishing to visit the Harvard Map Collection should call 617-495-2417 in advance to make arrangements.

Harvard University Archives

Pusey Library via Lamont Library West Door
Mon.-Fri., 10 am-4:45 pm

Permanent records of Harvard University from 1636 to the present; Harvard dissertations and undergraduate honors theses; Harvard and other historical materials, including photographs, faculty papers, and records of student organizations; records management program.

accessAccess for persons with disabilities: People with disabilities wishing to visit the Harvard University Archives should call 617-495-2461 in advance to make arrangements.

Houghton Library

Harvard Yard
Mon., Fri., Sat., 9 am–5 pm; Tues. – Thurs., 9 am–7 pm; Sun. Closed (schedule changes during intersession)

Harvard’s primary repository for rare books and manuscripts, Houghton holds collections on the study of Western civilization, particularly European and American history and literature, and special collections in printing and graphic arts and the theater. The library hosts a number of exhibitions during the academic year and introductory tours of the building on Fridays. See the Website for details.

accessCall 617-495-2440 or 617-495-2441 to make arrangements for wheelchair access.

Fine Arts Library Littauer Building, North Yard
Fine Arts Library Digital Images and Slides

Sackler Building, 485 Browdway St.
Mon.–Thu., 9 am–10 pm; Fri., 9 am–6 pm Sat., 10 am–5 pm; Sun., 1 pm–6 pm (schedule changes during intersession)

One of the world’s most comprehensive academic art libraries, the Fine Arts collection covers all of Western and non-Western art and architecture, from antiquity to the present, with special collections in East Asian and Islamic art and architecture and the Harvard Film Archive.

accessAccess for people with disabilities to the Fine Arts Library is available at the Prescott Street entrance. Elevators and accessible restrooms and telephones are available in both facilities.

Harvard–Yenching Library

2 Divinity Avenue
Mon.–Fri., 9 am–10 pm Sat., 9 am–5 pm; Sun., noon–5 pm (schedule changes during intersession)

With the most extensive academic research collection on East Asian materials outside of Asia, the Harvard–Yenching Library holds publications in the humanities and social sciences on traditional and modern East Asia, and is renowned for its rare books and manuscripts.

accessAccess for people with disabilities is available at the side entrance of the building. Persons with disabilities wishing to visit the library should telephone 617-495-2756 in advance to make arrangements for assistance. An accessible elevator, restroom, and telephone are available.

Loeb Music Library

North Yard
Mon.–Thu., 9 am–10 pm; Fri., 9 am–5 pm; Sat., 1 pm–5 pm; Sun., 1 pm–10 pm (schedule changes during intersession)

One of the world’s preeminent libraries supporting music research, Loeb Music collections include thousands of books, scores, and recordings; a world music archive; the world’s largest collections of Turkish and Indian classical music; jazz and African-American music; and an extensive Mozart archive.

accessAccess for persons with disabilities is through the entrance of the Paine Hall wing of the Music Building. Once inside the building, follow signage to the library. An elevator, an accessible restroom and telephone, and retrieval upon request are available.

Quad Library

Hilles Building
Mon.–Thu. ,1 pm–2 am; Fri., noon-5 pm; Sat.–Sun., closed (Open only during the academic year)

The Quad Library is a comfortable study space located on the first floor of the Hilles Building in the Quad. The library holds an open-stack collection that includes high-use volumes of scholarly works, selected reference materials, and some current periodicals. There are an ample number of computer workstations with print capability, a self-service scanner and photocopier, power/data jacks, and wireless connectivity.

accessThe library is accessible through the Campus Drive entrance across from Cabot House. An elevator and an accessible restroom and telephone are available. Transportation for students with disabilities requiring door-to-door adaptive transportation may be arranged with Shuttle Van Service at 617-495-0400.

Tozzer Library

21 Divinity Avenue
Mon.–Thu., 9 am–9 pm Fri., 9 am–5 pm; Sat.–Sun., 1 pm–5 pm (schedule changes during intersession)

Tozzer is one of the world’s foremost collections supporting the study of anthropology, extending to all its subfields including archaeology, and is renowned for collections relating to the indigenous people of the Americas.

accessAccess for people with disabilities is at the front entrance of the library. An elevator, an accessible restroom and telephone, and retrieval upon request are also available.