Transferring Between Residential Houses

It is assumed that students will live, for their three upperclass years, in the House to which they are assigned during the Freshman Lottery.

Occasionally, however, students may seek to transfer to another residential House. Students who started the College as freshmen may transfer after completing two terms of residency in the House to which they were assigned. Applications are made in the term prior to when the transfer would take place (e.g., students who want to transfer in the fall apply in the spring). See the Academic Calendar for dates.

Requests for an inter-House transfer based on medical reasons are evaluated on an individual basis throughout the year. Petitions must be directed to the Accessible Education Office or to the appropriate doctor in Harvard University Health Services. Transfers between Houses for medical reasons are rare.

Students may transfer residence from the House to which they have been assigned only through the regular transfer process or by having a medical petition approved.