Housing Guidelines

Those Who Will Ordinarily Be Housed

  1. Students currently registered in the College and living in a residential House or freshman dormitory who have signed a Housing Contract by the deadline.

  2. Students on a leave of absence who have filed a Returning Student Housing Application (see Housing Policy).

  3. Students currently registered in the College who by choice are living for at least one term off campus and who wish to return to their House of previous residence. A Returning Student Housing Application must be submitted to the Office of Residential Life by February 16 for fall term housing or October 13 for spring term housing.

Those Who Will Be Housed On a Space-Available Basis Only

Students who submit the Returning Student Housing Application after the appropriate deadline will be placed on their House’s Space Available Wait List. Students should consult the House Administrator for space availability. For more information, visit the Office of Residential Life website.

Housing Contract




Licensee First Name:
Licensee Last Name:
Class Year:
Suite Assignment:

I, the undersigned Licensee, hereby accept from Harvard University a license to occupy, in accordance with and subject to the Harvard College Handbook for Students, other established rules and usages of the University, and the conditions set forth on the back of this card, the living Quarters specified above or any other Quarters to which I may be at any time assigned (the "Quarters"), to be occupied only by me and such other persons as are from time to time assigned to the Quarters. I understand that this license is good for the entire time that I am in Residence at Harvard College. For this license, I hereby agree to pay to the University an undergraduate room/student services fee as indicated in the Harvard College Handbook for Students for the academic year. And I hereby agree to be bound by and to comply with said regulations, rules, usages, and conditions.

I shall have no interest or estate in the land, but only a license to occupy the Quarters assigned to me. The right to occupy the Quarters shall terminate upon my ceasing for any reason to be a full-time registered undergraduate student pursuing a course of instruction at Harvard University, in which case the fee shall be prorated in accordance with the University's policy then in effect.


One-half of the fee shall be due with the first term bill for the fall term and one-half of the fee shall be due with the first term bill for the spring term (unless Licensee uses another University approved payment plan). Licensee will be liable for the fee for an entire academic year, unless the University terminates the license. The University may cancel this license and reassign the Quarters if (before Study Card Day for upperclass students, before Registration for Freshmen) for the applicable term Licensee has not started or resumed his or her occupancy of if Licensee has been granted permission to live off-campus, in either of which case there may be a cancellation fee of up to one-quarter of the fee for the term.

The University reserves the right to terminate this license for any cause it deems reasonable (including without limitation when Licensee's conduct jeopardizes his or her welfare or the welfare of the community), making and appropriate adjustment of the fee. The University may also reassign Licensee to other Quarters at any time.

The University shall be under no obligation to furnish heat for the Quarters during any academic vacation. If Licensee chooses to occupy and receives permission from the House Office or Freshman Dean's Office to occupy the Quarters during any such vacation, then any temporary source of heat utilized by Licensee must be first inspected and approved by the University.

The University shall not be liable for any inconvenience, loss, or damage caused by insufficiency of heat or irregularity in the supply of electric current, or for the loss or theft of or damage to any property of Licensee or Licensee's visitors, wherever situated. Each occupant of the Quarters is responsible for the care of University property in the Quarters, and the cost of loss or damage will be assessed to Licensee and student(s) judged by University officials to be responsible. All occupants of a suite or room may be held jointly responsible for any loss or damage to the suite or room. Licensee also shares with other residents joint responsibility for the common areas of the suite, floor, entry, residence hall, or other common facilities and may be subject to joint assessment in the event loss or damage to such areas where University officials conclude that individual responsibility cannot be established. A degree will not be granted to Licensee until such assessments are paid in full.

The University reserves the right to enter the Quarters at times it deems reasonable for standards of safety and/or building maintenance. For routine inspections, students will ordinarily be notified in advance by the Building Manager.

Licensee Signature: