Fire Safety Instructions

  1. Do not overload wiring. Appliances should be plugged into wall outlets, never connected to light sockets. Extension cords should be Underwriters Laboratories or National Electric Code approved cords in good condition and of proper rating. Do not splice extension cords; never run them through doorways or partitions, or cover them with rugs.

  2. Use fireproof draperies. Limit the number of flammable decorations and keep your room neat and clean.

  3. The use of candles and other sources of open flame are prohibited in House and dormitory rooms. Menorahs may be lit only in House common areas and only with the approval of the House Master. They must always be attended.

  4. It is illegal to use fireplaces, as they can present a safety hazard to all occupants.

  5. Cooking equipment is prohibited. The City of Cambridge forbids cooking in any room or apartment not equipped with permanent cooking facilities.

  6. Know emergency escape routes: fire doors, window exits, and fire escapes. Never block emergency escape routes or block open or prop open any fire doors. Emergency exit doors within rooms/suites shall not be blocked on either side by furniture or obstructions of any kind.

  7. Student participation in annual fire drills is mandatory.

  8. If you have information on the cause of a fire alarm activation, report information to tutors, House Masters, or the Fire Department representatives.

For further information, contact the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, 46 Blackstone Street, Cambridge, 617-495-2060, or visit their fire safety website.