Housing Alternative: The Dudley Cooperative

The Dudley Cooperative provides undergraduates with an alternative to the residential houses. Students live in the two Cooperative Houses located on Massachusetts Avenue and Sacramento Street. The Dudley Co-ops are a small community of 32. Members pay a reduced room rent to the University and are responsible for the room rent until the end of the term even if they move out of the Dudley Cooperative. Members also pay a reduced board fee. The selection, preparation, and quality of food are taken very seriously. Vegetarians are easily accommodated. Breakfasts, dinners, and weekend brunches are prepared communally; lunches are prepared individually. A number of additional chores are divided among Co-op members such as kitchen and living room cleaning and food buying. Each member of a Co-op spends an average of about six hours per week on these chores. Decisions about the running of the Co-op are made by all of the Co-op members, a practice which helps to foster a supportive and tolerant atmosphere. There are 29 student rooms, two tutor rooms, a large and well-equipped kitchen, and a living room. More information can be obtained from the Dudley House office.