In response to student requests for more flexibility in the board plan, Dining Services offers BoardPlus to all undergraduates participating in the board plan. BoardPlus is $130 applied to a student’s HUID, to spend as he or she chooses at campus restaurants operated by Dining Services or for guest meals when entertaining friends, colleagues, or relatives in the resident dining halls.

There is no need to sign up. A student’s BoardPlus account is automatically activated with $65 at the beginning of the first term and again when the second term commences. The student simply lets the restaurant cashier or dining hall checker know he or she would like to use the BoardPlus and present his or her HUID. The balance will be displayed each time the student uses the account. Once students exceed the credit limit, they may either pay cash or, if they have already purchased Crimson Cash, they may ask the checker to apply the balance to their Crimson Cash account. The BoardPlus account is part of the board plan, therefore no refunds are awarded on unused credit.

All purchases in the campus restaurants are charged a la carte.

The BoardPlus account is for the students’ use only. If a student’s HUID is presented by someone other than the student, the card will be retained and forwarded to the Executive Director.