Committee on Undergraduate Education

The Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE) is a joint student/faculty committee established by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to consider issues having to do with all aspects of undergraduate education. The faculty members are selected from the Faculty Council, an elected representative body of the faculty. The student members are selected from the Student Affairs Committee of the Undergraduate Council. The Dean of Harvard College or her designee chairs the CUE. In recent years the Committee has worked on such matters as academic advising, enhancing undergraduate concentrations, and improving the course evaluation system. Students wishing to bring a matter before the CUE may do so by contacting the Student Affairs Committee of the Undergraduate Council.

The Committee sets editorial policy for the Q Guide, which reports student opinion of undergraduate courses at Harvard. The Guide provides extensive statistical and qualitative analyses of these courses, thereby serving both as a guide to students when they choose their courses and as a feedback mechanism for professors and section leaders. The Q Guide is compiled and written by students during the spring term and over the summer.