Committee on House Life and on College Life

The Committees on House Life (CHL) and on College Life (CCL) are student/faculty committees constituted by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Their charge is to consider issues having to do with student and residential life. The CHL addresses all concerns related to the freshman housing lottery and any residential or House policy or practice. The CCL, whose purview is College-wide, approves all requests from student organizations for recognition and takes up matters that affect the campus as a whole.

The student members of both committees are chosen by the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) of the Undergraduate Council and include the chair and vice-chair of the SAC. The faculty members of the CHL are chosen from the ranks of the House Masters, and the faculty members of the CCL are drawn from the entire pool of the FAS. The Dean of the College or her designee chairs the CHL and the CCL.