The Student-Faculty Judicial Board

In 1987, recognizing that there are some issues that the Administrative Board’s standard procedures could not address appropriately, the Faculty established the Student-Faculty Judicial Board to hear those disciplinary cases for which there is no clear Faculty legislation or accepted precedent within this community for response. The Judicial Board hears only disciplinary cases and has no authority over administrative petitions or academic review. It uses the same range of sanctions employed by the Administrative Board. Students may get more information about the Judicial Board from the Resident Deans or the Faculty of Arts and Sciences pamphlet, Student-Faculty Judicial Board, available from the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty, University Hall, Ground Floor.

Members of the Judicial Board

As with the Administrative Board, the membership of the Judicial Board reflects its mission: since decisions of this Board will become touchstones of community standards, the membership represents the community at large. Thus, the Judicial Board has twelve voting members—six faculty members and six students—who are chosen by lot according to guidelines ensuring the diversity and distribution of membership. In addition, the Dean of Harvard College and the Administrative Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are ex officio nonvoting members.