Requirements: 5 half-courses

  1. A maximum of one Spanish half-course at the 40s-60s level.

  2. A maximum of two Spanish half-courses at the 70s-90s level.

  3. At least two Spanish half-courses at the 100 level or above. One of these two courses can be replaced by a Romance Studies course at the 70s-100s level.

  4. At least three half-courses must be taught in Spanish.

Students who plan to pursue a secondary field in Spanish are required to meet once with the Undergraduate Adviser in Spanish, Johanna Liander (, or with the undergraduate coordinator, Walter Hryshko (

Each of these options requires 5 half-courses. The requirements for the four options are symmetrical, except that in Italian and Portuguese two advanced language courses may count instead of one, as in French and Spanish. This difference takes into account the fact that students in Italian and Portuguese are more likely to have started their language study in college.

Our requirements impose limits on the level of the courses taken but we do not impose any thematic consistency within the linguistic field chosen. Students can choose their courses in order to focus on a certain period, genre, or cultural issue. Or they can explore a variety of aspects of their field. The requirements can include a course in a related field offered in another program or department (e.g. a course on the history of Latin America or on Italian Renaissance art).