Special Topic in Philosophy

This option invites students to construct proposals of their own for a secondary field in Philosophy, drawing on their own interests and the courses available. This option must be constructed in consultation with the head tutor, but would require at least the following courses.

Requirements: 6 half courses

  1. One Introductory Course. These courses have numbers under 100.

  2. Tutorial 1.

  3. Three courses chosen from among the department's offerings, along with a proposal for combining these courses into an integrated secondary field.

  4. One other course in the department or a related course outside the department.

Each consists of six half-courses: (a) an introductory level course, (b) a tutorial, and (c) four additional courses, one of which can be a related course outside the department. In all cases, the structure is designed to insure that students have a basic introduction to the subject matter and methodology of philosophy; an intensive discussion-based tutorial in which they have close contact with the instructor and work intensively on they writing; and a selection of upper level courses that develop the student's skills in the area of their interest.