Language, Mind and Brain

The pathway in Language, Mind and Brain was created for students with an interest in the areas of inquiry addressed by Harvard's Mind/Brain/Behavior Initiative. Such students will be less interested in language-particular facts than those in the other two groups; they will be correspondingly more interested in the evolution of language, the linguistic abilities of non-human primates, the mechanisms used by the brain to access and store linguistic information, and similar questions.

Requirements: 5 half-courses

  1. Two foundational courses, consisting of

    1. Linguistics 110: Introduction to Linguistics; or Social Analysis 34: Knowledge or Language

    2. Linguistics 88: Language and Cognition; or Fresh. Sem. 39x: Human, Animal and Artificial Languages

  2. Three more advanced courses, chosen from among the following groups:

    1. Linguistics 112a: Introduction to Syntax; Linguistics 130: Psycholinguistics; Linguistics 146: Syntax and Processing; Linguistics 188r: Biolinguistics; or

    2. Any other course countable toward the elective requirement of the MBB track in Linguistics, e.g., Computer Science 187: Computational Linguistics; Psychology 1671: Language Acquisition; Philosophy 147: Philosophy of Language