Computer Science

Information technology and computation has had a profound impact on many aspects of society, health care, and the scientific disciplines. As such, a foundation of formal training in computer science can benefit undergraduate concentrators in many fields of the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. To provide this training, a secondary field in Computer Science requires that students with primary interests in other fields take four courses in computer science.

Requirements: 4 half-courses

Any four computer science courses with course numbers 100 or greater. Students may also count Computer Science 50, 51, and 61 toward this requirement.

Other Information

None of the four courses may be taken Pass/Fail, and the student must achieve a C or better in each of the courses. Freshman seminars may not be counted toward this requirement. Computer science courses taken during study abroad or through the Harvard Summer School can be counted towards the secondary field course requirements with pre-approval of the director of undergraduate studies in Computer Science. Computer Science does not currently have any limited enrollment courses.

Advising Resources and Expectations

All Computer Science secondary field students should meet with the director of undergraduate studies for Computer Science to be assigned a faculty member in as an adviser. The faculty member will advise students on choosing a selection of computer science courses that best complement their primary field and interests. In addition, the Computer Science faculty will provide a list of suggested tracks for primary concentrators in Economics, Mathematics, and students who plan to attend medical school.

All questions concerning this secondary field should be addressed to the director of undergraduate studies in Computer Science, Professor Steven Gortler (