The Classics

The Department of the Classics offers a secondary field in Classical Civilizations for students wishing to explore an interest in Greco-Roman antiquity and its reception in the medieval and modern periods. The Classical Civilizations secondary field provides both a general introduction to the Greek and/or Roman world and the opportunity to pursue particular interests in greater depth.

Requirements: 5 half-courses

  1. One semester of either Classical Studies 97a or Classical Studies 97b.

  2. Four additional half-courses from among those listed under Classics in Courses of Instruction (including cross-listed courses). Other courses may be counted with approval of the director of undergraduate studies.

Other Information

No more than two half-courses from the following list may count toward the secondary field in Classical Civilizations: Latin Aa, Latin Ab, Latin Ac, Greek Aa, Greek Ab, Greek Ac, Modern Greek A. Latin Aab, Greek Aab, and Modern Greek A are full-year courses and thus count as two such courses.

One half-course may be taken Pass/Fail.

Advising Resources and Expectations

Students interested in pursuing a secondary field in Classical Civilizations should contact the director of undergraduate studies, Professor Richard Thomas (