Sanskrit Language and Literature

Basic Requirements: 13 half-courses

  1. Required courses:

    1. Nine half-courses in Sanskrit, to be distributed as follows:

      1. Sanskrit 101a and 101b by the end of the sophomore year.

      2. Sanskrit 102a and 102b and one term of Sanskrit 98 by the end of the junior year.

      3. Four terms of advanced Sanskrit.

    2. Four additional half-courses in the field or in related subjects.

  2. Tutorial: Sanskrit 98 (one term), individual or group tutorial. Letter-graded.

  3. Thesis: None.

  4. General Examination: None.

  5. Other information:

    1. Pass/Fail: Courses counted toward concentration may not be taken Pass/Fail, except that a Freshman Seminar (graded SAT/UNS) may be counted for concentration credit if taught by a department faculty member and approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

    2. Related courses: Advanced courses in other languages and in various aspects of Indian studies approved by the department.

Sanskrit Language and Literature
Requirements for Honors Eligibility: 14 half-courses

  1. Required courses: Same as Basic Requirements, with the addition of a second term of Sanskrit 98 in the junior year.

  2. Tutorial: Sanskrit 98 (two terms) in the junior year. Letter-graded.

  3. Thesis: Optional.

  4. General Examination: Honors candidates must take an oral examination based on the work in the concentration.

  5. Other information: Same as Basic Requirements.